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Meet Divorce Attorney Amanda N. Gamble

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Goldberg Jones is excited to welcome the newest addition to our Seattle family: Amanda N. Gamble. Skilled and versatile, she brings a keen legal eye to our team of family law attorneys. Amanda will provide another major resource to the husbands and fathers of the Puget Sound region in divorce and custody cases.

A competitive, dedicated divorce lawyer, Amanda focuses on the details and follows through for her clients. She’s a strong advocate and litigator, and a valuable member of our team in Seattle.

Family law offers Amanda the chance to help people through a tough, stressful time in their lives. She says, “I understand that my clients are asking me to protect their children or financial future. The opportunity as a family law attorney to provide peace of mind and resolutions to difficult situations, is also very rewarding.”

Enthusiastic and passionate, Amanda is a tireless representative. Highly motivated and analytical, she’s also adept at determining the specific needs of a case and pushing for an optimal outcome.

Managing attorney Ken Alan says, “Amanda is a sharp, energetic attorney with a deep compassion for the people she represents. Her positive attitude and enthusiasm put her clients at ease and they immediately know they’re in good hands.”

Family Law Attorney

Amanda earned her bachelor’s degree in political science at the University of Central Oklahoma. She then went on to secure her Juris Doctor from the Oklahoma City University School of Law.

When not working to defend the right of the husbands and fathers of Seattle and the Puget Sound region, Amanda can most often be found running marathons, spoiling her Italian Greyhound, and traveling. Even if it’s just a quick weekend getaway to the mountains.

A competitive divorce attorney, Amanda N. Gamble stands as a steadfast advocate for her clients. She represents a fantastic new addition to the firm. Moving forward, she will continue to use her skills to benefit those she represents and to support the husbands and fathers of King, Pierce, and Snohomish counties, as well as the surrounding areas.

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