Colleen R. Clay

BA Philosophy of Law and Society, University of Colorado at Boulder
JD University of Illinois Chicago School of Law

divorce lawyer seattle colleen clayA thoughtful, client-focused family attorney, Colleen R. Clay is a strong advocate for those she represents. She’s a powerful resource for the husbands and fathers of the Puget Sound area and a key member of the Goldberg Jones team in Seattle.

Though she knew she wanted to be a lawyer at the age of 12, Colleen wasn’t immediately drawn to family law until after graduating from college. She began noticing the wide-reaching impact conflict in personal relationships had on friends, family, and those around her.

She says, “I think realizing how debilitating conflict in your personal life can be, made me have an appreciation for the fact that in family law we are dealing with the most precious and valued aspects of someone’s lives, and that is something I don’t take lightly.”

Discussing her approach to a case, Colleen continues, “I try to bring an extra level of comfort and support to my clients to make a really stressful time in someone’s life a little bit easier. I find that it really is an art balancing a calming personality but also being really tenacious and aggressive when necessary.”

Colleen graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder, where she majored in Philosophy of Law and Society and minored in Political Science. From there, she attended the University of Illinois Chicago School of Law, earning her Juris Doctor.

When not fighting for the rights of her clients, Colleen can often be found working out, testing out new recipes, or spending quality time with her significant other.

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