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Robert Bennett Joins Goldberg Jones

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Goldberg Jones is pleased and excited to welcome the newest addition to our Seattle team: Robert Bennett. A committed, analytical attorney, Robert is dedicated to producing results for his clients in divorce and custody cases. He uses a tactical eye to find the best angle to approach each case.

Prior to shifting his focus to family law, Robert worked in international commercial arbitration, a trade that took him overseas. Living abroad for 18 years, and practicing law for seven of those years, Robert gained a unique perspective and honed his ability to communicate effectively with clients from varied backgrounds. It also provided the opportunity to become fluent in both German and Swedish.

Robert is adept at handling the needs of a specific case, no matter where it takes him. With excellent written and oral skills, he approaches each situation in a professional, composed manner, and uses the necessary, available tools to get the job done.

Managing attorney Ken Alan says, “Robert is a fantastic communicator and excellent strategist. He has the ability to quickly grasp a client’s needs and devise the best plan of action to realize their goals.”

Dedicated, attentive, and persistent, Robert is a fearless advocate for his clients in all cases. Personable and accessible, he uses his deep empathy to help the people he represents though some of the most difficult times in their lives in any way he can.

Clients praise Robert’s ability to maintain a calm, even demeanor and prevent potentially volatile situations from exploding into conflict. A passionate litigator, he jumps right into any situation, providing intelligent, sensible counsel.

A former member of the United States Army, and a decorated veteran of the Gulf War, Robert was born and raised in Washington. He attended Washington State University as an undergrad and received his Juris Doctor from Seattle University. He subsequently earned his Master of Laws from Stockholm University in Sweden.

When not fighting for the rights of his clients, Robert can be found spending time with friends and family; gardening, skiing, or otherwise enjoying outdoor life in the Pacific Northwest; or watching the Seahawks and WSU Cougars.

Robert’s passion and experience, coupled with his eye for details and follow through, make him a valuable asset and fantastic new addition to the firm. Moving forward, Robert Bennett will continue to use his skills to support and advocate for the husbands and fathers of Seattle, King County, and the surrounding areas.

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